Whether you have never taken a cycle class before, are a beginner, intermediate or competitive athlete you will benefit from Fit Cycle classes set in our eye-popping artistically pleasing Cycle Studio with original artwork by John Tarka @tarkatactic. Fit Cycle will have you improving your cardiovascular capacity, build endurance, strength and burn calories with no impact that comes with other forms of exercise. Fit Cycle is the perfect cross training compliment to weight training with classes that vary in lengths of 30, 45 or 60 minutes. Let our instructors take you on a motivating ride set to music that will have you pedaling on various terrains with enthusiasm and reaching new goals with each class.

45 minutes of an invigorating and energizing cardio workout that will have you reaching new goals in every class.  Let one of our motivating instructors lead you on an hour long journey set to various genres of music, lights and cycling zones.

This is a high intensity 30 minute class that will increase your aerobic and anaerobic capacity.  You will start with a 10 minute warm-up easing your heart rate up which will be following by three Tabata’s.  Each Tabata is 4 minutes in duration consisting of 20 seconds working as hard as you can with 10 seconds rest in-between.

Want a little bit of everything?  This is the class for you!  You will start out in our Fit Cycle Studio for a 30 minute cycle class and then transition into our Fit Studio for 20 minutes of strength and conditioning work and ending with 10 minutes of core work.

Don’t be intimidated, be inspired.  This is an introductory to Cycling which will teach you the basics of bike set-up, hand positions and maneuvering in and out of the saddle.  You will learn the difference between inclines and flat roads, cadence control, perceived exertion and utilizing your senses.  These 45 minute classes will be broken into 2 parts beginning with instruction and then incorporating a ride.  Whether you are new to cycling or need a refresher course, you will feel the benefits.



Cathy Migliaccio

Cathy is an Elite Mad Dogg certified instructor and started her teaching journey 10 years ago.  Cathy’s classes are inspired by her love of the outdoor road and bringing that simulation to every class.  With motivating, heart pumping music you will find yourself reaching goals while having fun, burning calories and working up a good sweat.  Her motto in class is “yes you can” which you will find yourself repeating in class and out. Cathy’s accomplishments include multiple sprint and olympic triathlons, duathlons, as well as numerous half and full marathons.

Outside of Fit Club, Cathy loves the time she gets with her husband and six children, spending time at the beach, making jewelry, and entertaining with family and friends.

Brandon Rush

Brandon is a Level 3 Mad Dogg Spin Instructor and has been teaching since 2009.  His certifications also include, Schwinn Indoor Cycling, Keiser Indoor Cycling and AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor.  Growing up a a multi-sport athlete, Brandon has  always enjoyed the mental and physical benefits of exercise and passing that on to his students. His passion lies in outdoor cycling and taking on the challenges of the road. “Being a spin instructor allows me to combine the outdoor experience with great people and good music. Enjoy the ride!”

Candis Gould

Candis brings her dynamic, nurturing and motivating spin instruction style from her Texas upbringing. Candis’ passion meets at the intersection between fitness and music. When taking a class with Candis you will get a class that is full of energy and be coached to climb, sprint and/or jump to break your own limits, all while focusing on form and control.  She encourages riders to have fun while riding and let go of expectations. Since she began teaching spin in 2016, Candis has been committed to sharing her love of fitness with her riders and helping to motivate them to achieve their own individual goals. She loves being apart of the Fit Club community.  Candis is certified in spin with Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. and the Keiser M3 Cycling Foundations.

Nicole Connors

Nicole loves to inspire people, giving them a great cycle workout while getting all the benefits from it.  Some of her biggest physical accomplishments include an Ironman and numerous marathons including the Boston Marathon multiple times.  She loves seeing people try their best and getting results.  Nicole began spinning 10 years ago and incorporates rock, pop country and all genres in between in her classes.   Nicole’s workouts are fun, energetic, and balanced.  While striving for consistency with Nicole’s “no excuses” attitude you will push your body to limits you never imagined.  Overall, Nicole is committed to making people’s lives more fit and fabulous!

Off the saddle, you can expect to see Nicole spending time with her husband, four kids, and their dog, Sedona.

Heidi Cerosky

Heidi has a B.S. in Recreation/Resort Management.  She is AFAA Group Exercise Certified and a NASM certified Personal Trainer.

Heidi loves teaching Group Exercise, PT, Interval Training, Wellness, Time Management, Program Planning

Heidi loves the snow, being on the water or in the mountains. She loves the early mornings and teaches an awesome cycle class early!

Heidi might exercise at 3am, she likes Kale & wine and Train 4 Life!

Elizabeth Gmelin

“Work Hard, Play Hard,” is instructor Elizabeth Gmelin’s motto. Virginia native and Ridgefield mother of four, Elizabeth has been teaching fitness classes for more than 19 years!  After graduating from James Madison University, she married her college sweetheart, Steven, and they will celebrate their 11 year anniversary in May!  Elizabeth is an avid runner who has participated in many marathons and long distance races, including the Boston Marathon! She’s also a member of three book clubs, and the Moms Club.  Elizabeth is also very active in her church, St. Mary Parish.

Two of her passions are faith and fitness.  She loves to motivate, educate and inspire people to realize their full potential and become their best, healthy self!  Elizabeth teaches many formats, including Spinning, Kickboxing, Step, Strength & Conditioning, Yoga and Aqua aerobics!  Bring your energy and she will see you bright and early in class!

Deena Wells

Deena is a Madd Dogg Level 2 Certified Spin and Spin Power Instructor, also certified by NAFC ICG Indoor Cycling. Her classes are high energy and challenging. Deena teaches both power based classes and rhythmic rides to accommodate all levels of riders.

Deena is a former NYC girl who moved to Connecticut looking for a change. She found Indoor Cycling in 2011 and has never looked back. In addition her love of music enhances all of her classes. She is an avid concert goer, foodie and lover of all Tom Hanks movies.

Come to her classes for a great ride, positive vibe and to feel like part of a team!